Necro-Cannibal Machinery – Flock

Necro-Cannibal Machinery – Flock

Necro-Cannibal Machinery


released February 7, 2020

Necro-Cannibal Machinery was:

“Juhan Hellstén”, vocals
Kasperi Pullinen, guitar
Johannes Valtonen, vocals
Pietari “Awaclus” Virtanen, drums and production
Janne Voutilainen, guitar

Music and lyrics written and performed by Necro-Cannibal Machinery
Produced, recorded and mixed by Awaclus
Mikitanii’s guest vocals in “Reign” performed and recorded by Mikitanii
Mastered by Mattias Girstmair – Echopolis Productions
Extra synth vocal production in “Hollow” by Shion

CC-BY licensed sounds used in “Aura” originally created by Raimo Aho and Dnz Müzik

Cover art based on original painting by Katarina Turunen at cupcakemadness

We would like to thank Kasperi for his efforts towards making this album and we wish him all the best in his future endeavors. Additionally, we would like to thank, in no particular order: Mikitanii, Jes, Tommi Murto, all friends and families, and 3 more people who wished to remain anonymous.

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