V.A. – Super Duper Digi​-​Punk Split Vol​.​4 : NXC Edition

V.A. – Super Duper Digi​-​Punk Split Vol​.​4 : NXC Edition


“Super Duper Digi​-​Punk Split Vol​.​4 : NXC Edition”

Kitty on Fire Records brings you the 4th installment of the Super Duper Digi-Punk Split series. You can find full releases from almost all of these artists on our label. Tracks from hardened NXC veterans as well as Cybergrind initiates. Bleep Bloop Violence is about friendship and unity. Just like Digimon! Lets meet up and play shows. Lets be cyber friends for real!


Debug My Video Game Error (Japan)
Mikau (USA)
MISS YOU / Fizzy Dino Pop (Japan)
Yatagarasu (USA)
Watabou (USA)
Senpai Suicide Club (Canada)
Heptaedium (France)
Who Stole The Cookie From The Cookie Jar (USA)
Capybara Fucking Pirate Destroyer (Russia)

Cover art by: Braverbeast

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terrestre – Montuhotep

terrestre – Montuhotep


“Montuhotep “

Grabado y mezclado por Miguel Lorenzo en Influx Records
Palomeras de Béjar / Madrid
diciembre 2015 – julio 2016
Masterizado por Victor García en Ultramarinos Costa Brava
agosto 2016
Fotografía · Mark Rowell
released February 26, 2018Luis Granda – Guitarra
Iñaki García – Bajo
Ángel Domingo – Batería
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Various Artists – Polish Lutherie Guitars Compilation

Various Artists – Polish Lutherie Guitars Compilation

Various Artists

“Polish Lutherie Guitars Compilation”

27 tracks and 104 minutes of polish lutherie guitars in action! Mayones, Flame, ZAK, PAS, Mensfeld, MEG, P. Kamecki, Mensinger and many more!
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Maeth – Whaling Village

Maeth – Whaling Village


“Whaling Village”

All music and lyrics written by Maeth
Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Adam Tucker at Signaturetone Recorded April 20, 2018
Vocals recorded at St. Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral of Minneapolis
Artwork by Adahn StewartAdditional thanks to our families, friends, colleagues, and all those who have inspired us to create and supported us along the way.
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Bogotwory – Na łów (EP)



“Na łów (EP)”

“Bogotwory” metal project is back! “Na łów” EP brings you four tracks:

1. Tracisz głowę
2. My, naród
3. Droga
4. Na łów

Recorded between January and April 2018.
Music, lyrics and artwork by M. B.

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ono – Do It Again

My Last Melancholy – The Atmosphere (EP)

My Last Melancholy – The Atmosphere (EP)

My Last Melancholy

“The Atmosphere (EP)”

Nikita Abramov in his My Last Melancholy project mixes electronic music with instrumental atmospheric metal very skillfully. The whole material is surprisingly relaxing. Top recommendation!
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Nhumbhrukh – Niemoc

[UPL 073]



Lofi-Powernoise-metal-cybergrind artist Nhumbhrukh returns after a 12 year hiatus, sounding 12 times as noisy and agressive!
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Bogotwory – Co skrywa mgla



“Co skrywa mgla”

Bogotwory is heavy/trash/death metal solo project from Poznan/Poland. Lyrics describe gloomy vision of world divided by religion, politicians and war.
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Croak – Croak II



“Croak II”

320kbps – May 2016
Stoner / Metal / Rock


01 – Dying Light
02 – Virginia
03 – Black Flag
04 – Montreal

Total: (11:53)

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The Silence Industry – The Hidden Album


The Silence Industry

“The Hidden Album “

Canadian goth rock project The Silence Industry is revealing their ~/.tsi/ computer folder. An hidden album of 6 tracks arranged through 2015 and 2016 in their unmistakable goth rock style with a touch of psychedelic and postpunk references.
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Jungle Julia – Jungle Julia (EP)


Jungle Julia

“Jungle Julia (EP)”

Location: Saronno / Italy
Formation: band
Genres: death/trash metal, hardcore, alternative

Band members are:

Jungle Chris: – vocals
Jungle Cris: – guitars
Jungle Ste: – guitars
Jungle Loris: – bass
Jungle Dany6: – drums

The band was formed during summer 2013, after the reunion among Jungle Chris (vocals), Jungle Cris (guitars), and Jungle Loris (bass), that already played together in a hard rock band called Alcohol Abuse (what a original name!). Jungle Dany6 (drums) and Jungle Ste (guitars joined soon. We began to rehearse trying to create a modern sound melting our different musical tastes. The early songs were what we called Metalpunk songs and we continued through this path trying to add something new in every song we played. The result is that every song is different from the others and skipping through our song you can hear Trbngr somewhere, Suicidal tendencies somewhere else, Entombed in some riffs and so on passing from Thrash, Death, Stoner, Hardcore and (later) prog rock. As already said the sound is constantly evolving and the songwriting is becoming more and more complex.

Songs are sung in Italian, they talk about Math, Technology, Nuclear desasters coupled with B-movies. Actually all these themes masks the real subject of the songs, which are mainly our personal life facts filtered through the lens of the iper-technologic modern man.

In December 2014 band recorded first self produced EP simply called Jungle Julia. The EP is available on sale but it is also available in free streaming on YouTube channel. (Now here also!)

Played many gigs in Italy and hope to tour Europe very soon!

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Jari Pitkänen – Twilight Star Channeling


Jari Pitkänen

“Twilight Star Channeling”

Mashup album by Jari Pitkänen mixing nordic doom metal and ethereal celestial ambient into a 3 track EP. The first EP of a 2 part series closing Enough Records Anonymous Archives cycle.
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Chtin Mara – Snake Skins

chtin_mara_-_Snake Skins

My ears are still bleeding! Wonderful.


Is – Foreverdark Woods



“Foreverdark Woods”

Is (норв. лед) – карельский музыкальный проект в жанре Atmospheric Black Metal образованный одним человеком под псевдонимом Nøkken в 2014 году. Творчество Is полностью посвящено атмосфере севера, вдохновленное карельской суровой природой, культурой северных народов с элементами язычества. Все его композиции сочетают в себе и мистическую мелодичность и быстрые гитарные рифы и тяжелые аккорды, в которых с легкостью улавливается суровость тех краев.

Unicorn Hole – The Return Of The Revenge Of Unicorn Hole (The Sequel)


Unicorn Hole

“The Return Of The Revenge Of Unicorn Hole (The Sequel)”

Artist: Unicorn Hole
Title: The Return Of The Revenge Of Unicorn Hole ( The Sequel)
Genre: Chiptune; Midicore; Metalcore
Country: USA
Format: MP3 [320 kbps; stereo; 44,1 kHz];

Frontcore – One Of Us



“One Of Us”


Cybergrind, Hardcore, Breakcore from Ukraine.

Wings of an Angel – What Has Remained: The Lost Teachings Of The Antithesis


Wings of an Angel

“What Has Remained: The Lost Teachings Of The Antithesis”

“Если вы потерялись в этом мире, или хотите просто уйти от него, и почувствовать животный страх и непробиваемые стены ТИШИНЫ то это для вас новая работа Wings of an Angel “What Has Remained: The Lost Teachings Of The Antithesis” Никого не должна оставить равнодушным! слушайте и дабы ВЫ устрашились!!!”

Dyman – Curse of Angels



“Curse of Angels”

New album by Portuguese project Dyman. This time in a more death rock and nu-metal vein. Artwork by Rafaela Silva.

Wings of an Angel – What Had Remained: The Lost Teachings Of The Antithesis


Wings of an Angel

“What Had Remained: The Lost Teachings Of The Antithesis”

All We’ve Ever Known Is False. Utterly False.
Trust No Source Of Knowledge… Not Even Yourself, As The Mystics Flatteringly Suggest.

This Recording Was Conceived By The Ghosts Which Haunt The Stratosphere In The Dead Of The Night Of The Soul.

It Had Been Captured By Advanced EVP Recording Devices And Then Translated Unto Reconcilable Sound By Yours Truly.

Open Your Mind Is Not A Cliche Any Longer…

V.A. – bad comfort – netaudio mix (February 2014)


“bad comfort – netaudio mix (February 2014)”

Thanks to all the artists and netlabels for sharing music freely!
  1. Jari Pitkänen – Hello
  2. Umoja – Fiya!
  3. Konsumprodukt – Cachafeiro Cacique
  4. Opak – Tomed
  5. Sonambient – Reiterate
  6. Bubbaloop – HURTS 1
  7. matteo gomez – moto
  8. Simon Gag – Spacebetweenus
  9. Massimo Ruberti – Sabotage
  10. Syndrôm & Kendall WA – Another One
  11. Zomblaze – Mind Op
  12. bassrack wobama – i gotz elekted lol
  13. Wintermute & Bastard – Funk Renegade
  14. Karaoke Tundra feat. Bleubird – Hellacopter (Jimmy Pé Remix)
  15. Tacomaniacx – Skeletons With Sombreros
  16. Intoxicated Piano – Animosity
  17. Brock Berrigan – Welcome to the Family
  18. Dimitris – Ondine

Beyond Reclaim – Hopes They Die


Beyond Reclaim

“Hopes They Die”

Artist: Beyond Reclaim
Title: Hopes They Die
Genre: Depressive Black Metal
Country: Turkey
Format: MP3 [320 kbps; stereo; 44,1 kHz]

Various Artists – Jesus Was An Olm


Various Artists

“Jesus Was An Olm”

The last Christmas Deep Lake Records along with MAV Records celebrated Christmas with all of you with a small compilation.
And even this year Deep Lake Records has already put to work to prepare your gifts under the tree but not without your help!

This compilation is the perfect soundtrack for your boozy winter!
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Deep Lake Records!

AutoReMi-PK – BRKN




What if Megaman soundtracks were written by Zan-Zan-Zawa-Veia? Seemingly hell-bent on finding out the answer to this, AutoReMi-PK’s TWG debut, ‘BRKN’, goes to great lengths to be a blinding mixture of experimental esotericism and melody-driven pop-esque hookery, and the evidence to his success is here in abundance.

From the epic space swoons of ‘Subroutine Traffic Stop…’ to the manic energy and dissonant beauty of ‘Dys4-1A’, every inch of ‘BRKN’ is stylistically eclectic and robust, melodically affecting and compositionally complex. Where ‘BRKN’ excels best is its ability to mix those heart-rending melodies into vigorous and rewarding compositions. The melodies of ‘Rules and Regalia…’ call into mind the heydays of Bit Shifter, ‘Requiem (Our Stolen Future)’ ends with soft but emotively poignant sweeps of motifs, and ‘We Never Sleep/Artemidorus’ moves from crunchy experimentalism into a melody that defines the term ‘tearjerker’.

‘BRKN’ is an album as well as a journey. Every track slips into the next as a continuous piece and the effect is infectious. A consistent aural and emotive assault, every turn and shift as unforgettable as the preceding, every arp brimming with emotion and every passage a piece of compositional masterpiece that ticks the boxes of both rational talent and emotive creativity. Those who have already decided their albums of the year may have been slightly pre-emptive; on his debut, AutoReMi-PK has already solidified his place as an incredibly talented composers, and ‘BRKN’ as one of the scene’s best offerings in some time.

A.V.D.L. – Desolation




Artist: A.V.D.L.
Title: Desolation
Genre: Black Metal; Depressive
Country: Japan
Format: MP3 [192 kbps; stereo; 44,1 kHz]

Exclamation Point/Tacomaniacx – Skeletons With Sombreros


Pure chill out!



Meaning Of Life – A Crying Into Desolation


Meaning Of Life

“A Crying Into Desolation”

Artist: Meaning Of Life
Title: A Crying Into Desolation
Genre: Black Metal; Depressive
Country: Honduras/Italia
Format: MP3 [320 kbps; stereo; 44,1 kHz]


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