Various Artist – Hot Trax

Various Artist – Hot Trax
[NYB/EXT 028]

Various Artist

“Hot Trax”

Side A
A1 – Wormhole – Aradia (Original mix)
A2 – Wormhole – Aradia (D_Smoker Remix)

Side B
B1 – D_Smoker – Big Babol (Original mix)
B2 – Cixxx J – More Haze (Original mix)
B3 – Bist – Freshness (Original mix)

A1 Produced and mixed by Piergi 15 Collina
A2 Produced by Piergi 15 Collina, remixed by Dome Urso
B1 Produced and mixed by Dome Urso
B2 Produced and mixed by Cixxx j
B3 Produced and mixed by Raf Mautone

Mastered by Dome Urso

Artwork by Cocobriante

Thanks to: Solid crew, Soulcluster, Orfeo’s dreams, Electronic Waves and Orazio.

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