catapulta & svayam – De onde vem o Eco

catapulta & svayam – De onde vem o Eco

catapulta & svayam

“De onde vem o Eco”

One of the most striking aspects of Arthur Schopenhauer’s philosophical explorations is the author’s deep respect for Hindu and Buddhist thought, as both traditions present address an issue that occupied a large portion of his work: suffering.

The collaboration between Catapulta and Svayam seeks to dilute any answer in the contemplative exercise itself. Shadows are, moreover, a fundamental part of the feverish journey of this dialogue. The synthesis between millenary sounds and a beat replicates a process of non-traditional exploration and reinvention that is the answer to any type of aberration that was conventionally called cultural appropriation.

Donde Vem o Eco goes beyond any kind of fusion that limits itself to joining opposite worlds. On the contrary, it finds in the universality of human concerns the (un)fertile ground for walking.

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