SSH – slush

SSH – slush



Slenko, Sinead (Sylvia?) & Hyde
released February 20, 2020

Like Furry & Bukka’s “Party! At Home,” this record is more documentary than album. A collection of moments, caught in the wild and imprinted onto magnetic tape, during the first two nights of the new year.

Track 4, “Dec. 31, 2019,” contains an impromptu recitation of C. M. Slenko’s last poem of the decade. Tracks 6 and 14 capture Henry Hyde’s newest composition in the act of becoming.

Over 20 tracks, “slush” finds SSH re-visiting old memories from Slenko & Hyde’s back catalog, and crawling out of the past into new improvisations, inspirations, and interpretations.

All filtered through substance and sleep-deprivation — and a heavy dose of tape hiss — “slush” is unedited and uncertain, but honest and unwavering in its’ direction — forward, with one last sweeping backward glance, to survey the past for relics we will carry with us into the future.

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