Jazzdefector & Gaetano Fontanazza – Chiaroscuro

Jazzdefector & Gaetano Fontanazza – Chiaroscuro
[SCM 2102]

Jazzdefector & Gaetano Fontanazza


The duo of Sebastian Buccheri (guitars) and Gaetano Fontanazza (gong, singing bowls) lands on Sucu Music and delivers a five piece, almost sixty minutes long album drenched in harmonies for the soul.
“After the storm” fills the air with rarefied guitar notes supported in the beginning by a substratum of vibrating bowls which becomes more and more prominent as the song goes on and fades to the end.
“Beginnings” lets the gong take its spotlight, leading glitches and guitar gusts as the song evolves in thousands directions willing to fill the air surrounding us.
“Chiaroscuro” is the pièce de résistance of the whole platter. Within its 23 minutes you will be taken by the hand and transported in the minds of the two musicians, an extracorporeal transmutation from listener to performer in which we become the director of everything that’s going on around and inside us.
“From nothing” bring us back to earth like a gentle wind born from the soundwaves of the song itself, taking us wherever our minds are willing to be.
“Thai Chi” ends the experience with a choir of singing bowls entering our ears and vibrating our brains, while the guitar draws paths of notes leading the way to the awareness of our present and future immortal self.
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