Eterna – Organix EP

Eterna – Organix EP


“Organix EP”

Eterna – Organix EP
Insectorama 098

Welcome Eterna to insectorama with his incredibly relaxed track “Organix”. The perfect route for a red sunset in spring. Ekodust (Brian Pasmore) and Markus Masuhr each made a remix for the track and thus expanded the dense, deep atmosphere of this track. At the end there is also Ekodust’s track “Magnetic Drift”, which puts you in the effect of floating particles and the echoes make you forget space and time.

1. Eterna – Organix
2. Eterna – Organix (Ekodust Remix)
3. Ekodust – Magnetic Drift
4. Eterna – Organix (Markus Masuhr Reinterpretation)

track 1-3 mastering by Wayne @ Obsessed Audio

track 4 mastering by Markus Masuhr
design by Markus Masuhr

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