Pete Cogle – PCP#688… Monsters!

Pete Cogle – PCP#688… Monsters!

Pete Cogle

“PCP#688… Monsters!”

Monsters!…with tracks …

J&B Kings – Vice Grip (Disco Dub Mix)
Gatien – Magie
Natural Heights – Wake Me Up
Cherry Poppin’ Daddies – Hammerblow
Neck – Every Day’s St Patrick’s Day
Nordic Giants – Shine (Feat. Cate Ferris)
Adama Yalomba – Mali Za
Thosand Yard Prayer – City of Seven Saints (Cronx Electronica Remix)
Toello – Bats & Butterflies
Boštjan Simon & There Be Monsters – MMMM
Burning Babylon – Dub & Bass
DJ Ironbelly (aka Dubmatix) – Pressure Drop
NeSeBat – Niemals
Sakili – Ma Ninine
Trenton and Free Radical – Sunless Sundays
Swingrowers – Via con me
Barbarossa – Turbine
The Pocket Gods – The Perfect Blue
Lion Of Joppa Soundsystem meets Jah Slave – Conscious Version
Chinese Man – I’ve got that tune

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