Codes&Notes – Troubadour EP

Codes&Notes – Troubadour EP


“Troubadour EP”

It took a bit of time, but finally here’s the “Troubadour EP”: three original and fresh tracks for DJs and house music lovers!

As opposed to my previous EP “Together, Alone and Tired”, this one attempts to bring some light. It’s meant to be fun and carrying hope.

The first track, “Troubadour”, is a tech/progressive house tune with a break that switches on a 3/4 tempo and brings in… some medieval-sounding instruments. Hence the name, I guess! In case you are put off by that break, know that I’ve made a “straight edit” version of the tune. On the other hand, that would mean losing what makes this track so fun to listen ;-)

“Emergency Exit” goes into groovy/funky house territory with a seriously-funky bass line, while multiple catch lines are brought in. The objective of this tune is really to bring people on the dance floor. If you happen to play during a gig, feel free to let me know how the crowd reacted!
Again there’s a variation on this track included on the EP, which gets rid of the groovy-organ sections, just in case it’s not your thing.

Finally “Unreachable” raises the very important question of what would happen if a robot had to break up with it’s girlfriend, a… weather announcer. Because why not. The track tends towards the deeper end of house and uses a synthesized voice for the robot which is reminiscent of Radioheads’s “Fitter Happier”.
This final track brings a bit of melancholy to an otherwise uplifting EP.

All these tracks are licensed under CreativeCommons BY-SA 4.0, which is as permissive as it gets while respecting intellectual property. So share it, mix it, spread it as you wish. Just leave my name next to it ;-)

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