Various Artist – emo. gen.

Various Artist – emo. gen.

Various Artist

“emo. gen.”

Emo Breakcore compilation featuring dev, m1ko, KoçitSkoria, Coping Mechanism, yousei, and I.W.

Track Listing:
01. yousei – kubitsuri
02. Coping Mechanism – IFearLosingItAll
03. I.W. – work, sleep, work, sleep, work, sleep, die. [I want to quit everything and just be close to you]
04. m1ko – bad ending
05. dev – ik it is naive to hope that 1 person can relieve u of a lifetime of pain but i believe in miracles
06. m1ko – btwhme
07. Coping Mechanism – my arms are crying because they miss you
08. dev – idk the words to describe how happy i am to have met you
09. KoçitSkoria – arrival

Curated by I.W.
Artwork by Axle
Design by Occupied Territories

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