silént phil & RareFlora – Euphoria 11

silént phil & RareFlora – Euphoria 11

silént phil & RareFlora

“Euphoria 11”

silént phil and RareFlora present their new extravagant music project titled”Euphoria 11″, in which they have mixed many different genres of electronic music like: Ambient, House, Future Garage and more.
This project is not confined within any specific genre framework and is ready to open up for new horizons. “Euphoria 11” is ready to conquer the hearts of many lovers of emotional electronic music because of its diversity, remarkable rhythms and graceful melodies.
released April 30, 2021

Artist: silént phil & RareFlora
Title: Euphoria 11
CAT: #IG45
Release Date: 30/04/2021
Release type: Digital (all formats)
Mastering by silént phil & RareFlora
Artwork by gsmgarden

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