Markus Masuhr – The Dub Theory "Chapter Four"

Markus Masuhr – The Dub Theory "Chapter Four"

Markus Masuhr

“The Dub Theory “Chapter Four””

Markus Masuhr – The Dub Theory „Chapter Four“ (Insectorama115)

This is the fourth part of the dub theory series with 10 new tracks that should take you on a journey through forests and mountains to the sea. Slow down your life and go in search of serenity and relaxation into the depths of echoes and chords surrounded by wobbling basses and constructs of danceability.

1.Light over the Valley
2.Difficult Climb
3.The Meadow
4.Late Summer
5.Autumn Dusk
6.Swinging Flowers
8.Through the Galaxy
9.Approaching over the Sea
10.Fair of the Senses

all tracks produced with a Modular System by Markus Masuhr
Mastering and Design by Markus Masuhr

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