Fabio Keiner – shiva-rudra

Fabio Keiner – shiva-rudra

Fabio Keiner


Fabio Keiner makes his debut on Vulpiano with a masterful droning-ambient work – quintessentially meditative, even ominous in its awesome scope. In the tradition of classic ambient it enchants, electrifies and transports the listener into different states of consciousness (if they are willing to give themselves over).

Words from the artist: ‘shiva-rudra’ – a longform ambient dronescape improvisation in honor of lord shiva, ecstatic creator and destroyer god of the hindu pantheon – was inspired to a great extent by the works and theoretical approach of italian vanguard composer and musician Giacinto Scelsi. I owe a lot to Scelsi’s music and understanding of sound; so ‘shiva-rudra’ shall be a modest tribute to his works.

‘shiva-rudra’ is a soundscape to be listened to as entire experience without interruption: eyes closed, ears open

for reference to and experience of Fabio Keiner’s works – now almost a 20 year time-span in ambient, minimalist and drone improvising noise-making, have a look and listen also at fabiokeiner.bandcamp.com and vimeo.com/fabiokeiner

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