Wood Ship – Hunters

Wood Ship – Hunters

Wood Ship


Laurie Akerman’s first appearance with Vulpiano is a deep and broad journey through manipulated recordings that transits through many phases and sonic environments: a Tarkovsky-esque space of peeling paint and trickling water, haunted church ruins, light falling upon a book on a desk, and the amplified expansions of prosaic actions (a phone call, washing dishes) that somehow tease out the quantum threads sprawling outward and therein.

Words from the artist: Wood Ship is a project by Laurie Akerman from the former English post-rock band This Sea Reflects Stars. Creating ambient drone pieces with field recordings and Contact and Electromagnetic microphones, these releases are usually conceptual and have their own ideas and themes behind them.

Hunters was recorded last year and hints at the notion of historical Royal Lodges and their trappings.


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