Stripped back techno tooling meets groovy 90s influences , the 88756 project returns with the third edition of TOOLKIT. Rebelling once again, these outputs are torn between what was instructed, and what was explicated.

Innate Interpolation stays true to the name; it is in essence, a human litmus test. Since we tend to project own sense of humanity when faced with ambiguity, we each have different interpretations of the vocal sample at the centre of this piece. On the other hand, In My Mind is a clear dance-floor weapon, laden with wonky percussion and a healthy dosing of raw samples. Both pieces are provided with two versions: a functional, DJ friendly edit and a groovy take on current contemporary trends.

Closing out the release is Live From 95, a symphony of hardware style sampling and a fast paced rolling groove. We note that earlier outputs of this track were sonically anomalous, and have been pulled back to mortal levels.

As always, these mechanical outputs are free to download from Bandcamp. Your support keeps us safe, and additional commentary is always appreciated.

released December 9, 2022

– Production, Mastering, Artwork 88756.
– Mastered in the studios of Mechanical Soul, Fitzroy (mechanicalsoul.com.au).
– Inner artwork pieces by Stable Diffusion AI (stablediffusionweb.com).
– Music videos produced with Quadbike (quadbike.app).

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