Macchiato Funky – Infodemia D.3

Macchiato Funky – Infodemia D.3

Macchiato Funky

“Infodemia D.3”

“Infodemia D.3” represents an emotional journey through the chaos of modern society, where alienation and information overload can lead to loneliness and confusion. It is an exploration of the themes of endings, change, and transformation, blending reality and fiction. The theme of solitude merges with the conclusion of a relationship, both artistic and emotional. “Infodemia D.3” offers an intense and emotionally engaging experience that reflects the challenges and opportunities of human existence in an information-saturated and interconnected world.

Macchiato Funky:

Adriano Bossola (drums, electronics and production)
Nicolò Seggiaro (bass)
Massimo Ferretto (guitars)
Michele Seggiaro (guitars)

Thanks to:

Tommaso Esposito (piano on track 1)
Viva Tosco (voice on tracks 6-8)
Elisa Gremmo (flutes on track 13)
Elisa Gremmo – Edoardo Cassaro – Gabriele Artuso – Simone de Troia (flutes on track 14)

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