Spirit of Gravity – A poem in six parts

Spirit of Gravity

Spirit of Gravity

“A poem in six parts”

This is our brave attempt to epitomise our first 21 years as a Brighton-based platform for out-there music and sound.The album kicks off with Alien Alarms’ spasming sequencer grid trying to overcome the bird like nature of Ieva Dubova’s free and defiant piano, moving into the hypnotic cycles of Ensemble 1, with side one being rounded out by Spirit of Gravity host and overlord McCloud with his Banksy sampling, drone and Casio soup.

Side 2 moves from the introspective minimalism of Andrew Greaves, to Spirit of Gravity founders This Sound Bureaucracy reminiscing on the psychohistory of the ‘Gravity, and ending up with Gun Boiler’s maths-as-mayhem banger.

Representing the range of what we do at SoG, from lurching breakbeats to free noise and many points in between, this album is a slice of our musical life.

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