Fabio Keiner – Virgin Ghost

Fabio Keiner – Virgin Ghost

Fabio Keiner

“Virgin Ghost”

‘virgin-ghost’ is my interpretation of an ancient korean legend and figure: ‘cheonyeo-gwishin’ the ghost of a virgin girl who died before getting married and therefore seeking vengeance – and a husband or lover amongst the living!

‘Arang, the daughter of a provincal governor, was killed by the man who tried to rape her and her body buried by the sea (where a shrine till today is attended in her memory). after her father left the province, each of his successors was killed by Arang’s revengeful virgin-ghost – till finally an intrepid young governor detected the crime, punished her murderer and exercised the ritual of ‘soul-wedding’ (yeonghongyeolhonsig) to placate her spirit and achieve peace after building arangak-shrine…’

Fabio Keiner is an ambient, dark ambient, abstract, drone, instrumental composer and photographer from Wien, Austria.

All music, cover artwork by Fabio Keiner.

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