Spore Designers – A SEED IN TIME

Spore Designers – A SEED IN TIME

Spore Designers


The Necrophile Hummingbirds Netlabel presents A SEED IN TIME by Spore Designers.

Composition : HOMO | Recomposition : OresteS

“Timeless Psychoactive Music for Ambient Music Lovers”

In early August 2023, I was having a hard time navigating the Threshold Of Boredom (cf. Sleazy Peter Christopherson). Most of my contacts were on holidays and I was feeling lonelier than ever.
Having too much (?) time on my hands and having just been acquainted with Bull Of Heaven (check them!), I decided to tackle my pathological impatience and gardening disability by creating a sound piece lasting as long as possible (within my possibilities); it ended up as SEED IN PROGRESS, 20 hours long.
I invested, digested and regurgitated a good deal of my released and unreleased music into it, acquiring a small crumb of patience by every sound effect taking, literally, 40 hours to complete, during which I had to go on with the “rest of my life” and wait.
When I made SEED IN PROGRESS available, Orestes kindly offered to rework it into something else, with numerological wisdom, condensing the original 20 hours into 3 hours, 33 minutes, 33 seconds.
Here we are. Here it is. Here we is.

(The original 20-hours SEED IN PROGRESS is freely available from musicforunion@gmail.com. It is very different from this, with much more silence and much less activity, for which i am so grateful to Orestes. All Hail The Necrophile Hummingbirds In Our Souls.)

So these words by HOMO tell all about it, I just answered to the amazing sound piece HOMO did (be sure to check it!), I could add that the essence of creation is that chat through time and space between dreamers, like a being split in so many parts trying to understand what happens. But is it really necessary not to keep silent this, when You can dream of the future ?

(first) Video Art Clip is here https://youtu.be/xz-U1563yTE

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