tonAtom.net is pleased to announce the release of XPURM’s latest album, “RUPMX.” this new release is a follow-up to the artist’s previous works, “UPRMX” and “PRUMX,” and continues to further explore similar themes.
“RUPMX” offers a collection of tracks that blend neoclassical elements with experimental electronic symphonies, a style XPURM refers to as cinematica. each track on this album is designed to convey a unique emotional narrative, reflecting the artist’s personal experiences and perspectives.
XPURM, who prefers to remain anonymous, began recording piano sessions on cassette tapes, which formed the foundation of his current musical style. his work reflects his experiences marked by a life of duality – his private identity versus his public persona.
“RUPMX” resonates with themes of human consciousness and the impact of artificial intelligence on our era. it is an emotional journey, encapsulating the artist’s reflections on the changing times and the essence of human authenticity.
this release is the latest addition to tonAtom.net’s diverse collection of music offerings.
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