Baradit – South Pacific Waves

Baradit – South Pacific Waves


“South Pacific Waves”

The most recent work by the restless Felipe Baradit offers us a delicious musical journey that opens with a brief ambient cut, an exercise that at this point seems almost an initiation ritual for any electronic work that is appreciated as such. The eleven songs that follow immerse us in a bath of fully enjoyable instrumental electro pop.
Baradit music usually transmits a certain positive energy, and this is no exception, as we are faced with a production that leaves us optimistic and pleased.
The sound palette is nourished by sophisticated analog keyboards, which gives the album traits of timelessness, as exemplified by the cut that gives its name to this musical delivery.
Within the first half of the album, the tandem formed by the dark Classic Machine Beats and the brilliant Tomita Cat Beats stand out, which elegantly evokes the legacy of Aphex Twin.
Baradit is a producer who knows, explores and exploits the privileges that life on the coastal edge of the Valparaíso region can offer and as can be deduced from titles such as Art in the Landscape, the 47 minutes of “South Pacific Waves” function as an enthusiastic love letter to those places.

Javier Moraga.

Composition, Recording, Mastering and Art by Felipe Baradit Stevenson. Concón 2024
On this album you can hear: Korg Monologue, Volca FM2, Volca Keys, Volca Drum, Roland TR6S, GS Apollo mini, Arturia V Collection 9.

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