Joachim Stiller – Music For Wireless Telegraphs

Joachim Stiller – Music For Wireless Telegraphs

Joachim Stiller

“Music For Wireless Telegraphs”

Two one hour sound works inspired by and based on, and I quote: “the ominous feeling of winter, dark clouds, the fear of getting lost – and nesting somewhere that feels safe”.

Influences include the soundtracks of Petscop and Nier: Automata, Autechre, 7038634357, COIL, ‘Tomorrow, In A Year’ (The Knife, PlanningToRock, Mt. Sims) and a recurring nightmare.

Released on Mahorka June 17, 2024 as free (cc) digital download and limited double cassette edition.

Commissioned by Sanneke Kleingeld, one of Radio Tempo Não Pàra’s curators, for their ‘ik houd het nest warm’ radio program that aired on the 15th of December 2023.

TNP’s curator Kleingeld had heard an episode of Sounds Between Here and Nowhere (a radioshow by Luca Heydt and Mees Joachim) on Big Toilet Radio and proceeded to discover the artist’s Paradise Mixes made for the 2023 Birds of Paradise exhibition – which featured many unreleased tracks made under Mees Joachim’s Joachim Stiller, Absolute Candor and Zalmroze monikers – and proceeded to commission the artist to create a special mix for the radio station.

The sound work began to live a life on its own – becoming a sound collage of self-sampled unreleased works and new recordings centered around, but not limited to, synthesized sound.

As a fairly ambient / new age sound was warranted for the occasion, Mees Joachim took on their Joachim Stiller moniker to create two entirely original 1 hour sound works, with ‘Radiophonic Sound bath #2’ being the selected piece to be aired on Radio TNP.

The Stiller moniker has been around for a while, albeit used for art / karaoke performances, installations and video works prior to 2023, when it was first used for a music release: ‘And The Overstaying of Welcomes’ in collaboration with Absolute Candor.

Joachim Stiller’s debut album, ‘In Shallow Water’, was released by Bad Boy Jesus Tape Club in April 2024. With these two sound works, released on Mahorka in May 2024, expanding the sound of Joachim Stiller even further.

Performed, Produced, Recorded, Mixed, Mastered, etc. by Mees Joachim as Joachim Stiller in 2023, with some recordings dating back to 2021.

Featuring several synthesizers, sequencers, guitar, harp, trumpet and a Nintendo DS.

Synth by Joachim Stiller
Drum Programming by Absolute Candor
Guitar, harp, trumpet by Zalmroze
Artwork by Mees Joachim

Special thanks to Ivo Petrov, Sanneke Kleingeld, Cara Mayer, Luca Heydt, Mitko Mitkov, ambient overlord Brian Eno and Birds of Paradise Festival.

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