Zeugshmitz – twenty_eleven




The Alternative/Indie band Zeugshmitz from Brunico is making music since the 90’s. From the band’s formation in 1992 on, its members Egon “Niggile” Niederkolfer (bass), Gerd „Stolle“ Stoll (guitar and vocals), Klaus “Knut” Balzarek (guitar and vocals) and Matthias “Matti” Pallua (drums), have been active and valuable members of the South Tyrolean music scene.

In 1996 the band released its debut album “The Zeugschmitz” which was presented live in South Tyrol as well as in nearby countries. After that, the band took a break from performing on stage and focused on writing new songs for their 2006 album “It takes time”.

The band members write and arrange all songs themselves, played over 100 live shows with the same line-up and celebrated the band’s 20th anniversary in 2012. Just the right occasion to release the Zeugshmitz’s brand new album “twenty_eleven”, which is available as free and legal download on Airbagpromo Records right now: www.airbagpromo.com/records

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