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“Sayonara Nuclear Power”

Sayonara Nuclear Power is a memorial masterpieces for antinuclear.
Its music consists of 14 musicians from Japan and from overseas.
These abstract sounds are made from their own thoughts and feelings to the Nuclear power. We will be pleased if listeners find some kind of an inspiration from the music.This compilation had been released on March 12, a year after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.

# tracks
1.noine – nuke reset set
2.Yuki Matatsumura – __i_
3.In Vitro – Free Energy Safe Energy
4.guillotine hairshaver – Little Boy
5.thaneco – Oceanic birds above nuclear factories
6.Paskal. – Rubber theme
7.ememe – Invasion Of Justice
8.whizz kid – summer bubbles
9.twomilliondays – Fukushima
10.sanmi – あの日、それから、そして
11.steradd – Radioactive Dancers
12.Le Passage du Nord-Ouest – Fukushima
13.gnyonpix – reikyakusui
14.Nagumo – 手引き月

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