Ars Sonor & Meklabor – At The Edge of Abyss


Ars Sonor & Meklabor

“At The Edge of Abyss”

What did those poor men and women think when it dawned on them that the labyrinthine passageways they moved through were actually the domicile of the restless Minotaur. What did you think when you looked out that window and in your utopia saw the dark and dreary corridors of this selfsame doomed wandering. What miracle braught this magnificent expression to us. Here on Effluvia, we celebrate the second collaboration between Ars Sonor & Meklabor. These two were meant to collaborate. Both have the strong ability of making incredibly well put together and philosophically teeming work that is entertaining, thoughtful, mystical, and at the same time challenging and bizarre. The two both utilize whatever sounds compliment one another so that the album feels like one focused vision. The strings of this web are quite fine indeed, and free of pesky spiders, oh and replace the flies with the night sky. I won’t even try to express through my feeble words how these tracks can make you feel, so i’ll simply quote a poet I fancy, Jorge Luis Borges: “Now, after so many troubling years of wandering beneath the wavering moon, I ask myself what accident of fortune handed to me this terror of all mirrors”.