philip corner – for dancers in france

philip corner – for dancers in france

philip corner

“for dancers in france”

philip corner is an: action musician. trombone/alphornist, occasional vocalist, pianist, percussionist, theorist, visual artist. composer, improvisor, educator, collageur, assembleur, calligrapher. student of jahoda, cowell, messiaen, luening, borduas, cage, taubman. teacher in new york high schools and livingston college. fluxologist, resident composer for judson dance theatre, experimental intermedia foundation. member of: tone roads chamber ensemble. sounds out of silent spaces. gamelan son of lion. his focus is: listen. silence. resonance. surroundings. action. ecstasy.

for dancers in france is an exploration of the tibetan bowl, balinese cymbals, tam-tam, temple blocks, the forest, rain and the interaction of dancers. four long pieces stretch out over two hours, an exercise in listening and feeling. says corner “the flat gong gives a spectrum of Dense Vibrations which would be called dissonant if they were not the essence of harmony. all you need to do is listen.”

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