Rotorro – Yscape




A VKRS Netlabel Release : Rotorro Yscape The Diaries of Christina Mancini

Behind the Concept

“I have and always will be a dreamer which is maybe why every once in a while I wake up after a remarkable one and I actually remember it. The dream that inspired this piece occurred in the waking hours of 30th July 2012 and made me realise it was a story I’d been writing, through my more downtempo tracks, for many months. So it was just a case of picking up the pieces, putting them together in the right order and filling in a few missing gaps (as well as putting it into a context, verbally).
Dreams don’t have to make sense but sometimes they’re so real they nearly do…this was one of those dreams (with a few temporal anomalies to gloss over).
The album, conceptually telling Christina Mancini’s story and hence the essence of the dream, is available as separate tracks or as a mixed version for free download.”

Rotorro, August, 2012

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