V.A. – Tortuga Harbour Dock I



“Tortuga Harbour Dock I”

We are proud to present our first compilation for 2 years anniversary – our ship landed at Tortuga Harbour Dock I.
Tortuga is a flying island forming the base of la-pikki-pikki records. Each corner sounds different and each tavern resounds to changing performers. We carefully picked out the folks who excite our feet most. The result is this various artists compilation including outstanding electronic clubmusic. Well known label artists like Chesavon, Sahin Laselle and Master Jim meet with la-pikki-pikki newcomers like Binz, Manolo Camp and The Crude Guy. The sonic wall gets completed by Zoli, Cableguys, Alic and Theme Fe. Nine awesome tracks which have one thing in common: their beats are kicking asses! Yarr!
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