Concrete – études




“Concrete” is a mark founded by Alessandro Farruggio (composer, musician and music therapist) and Carmelo Kint Caramagno (Dj producer). The line of thought of “Concrete” is an idea musically open; moves only with Net Labels. “Concrete” is also a mobile recording studio, does not stop only at experimentation, but follow different music genres without being prisoner of the commercial products that work immediately in the music industry. The études, releases by Nostress Netlabel, are basically experimental ambient and electronic music works and does not mean to give an artistic and definitive “line” to the Concrete project but only present ideas in costant change and develop during time, depending on the choice of the materials used for compositions and states of mind by composer during his composing and artistic essence. This net digital release has a unique composer, Alessandro Farruggio, an artist with classic recording contracts but he strong believes in the power and useful of Net Labels. Musical thought and artistic composition are open to a lot of different contamination, that’s Alessandro Farruggio thought and in this musical-historical moment he’s working on experimentation and electroacoustic music and sound; in the past rock and alternative pop too, as artistic producer.
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