Ivor Kallin – A Goose Is A Horse

Ivor Kallin – A Goose Is A Horse

Ivor Kallin

“A Goose Is A Horse”

“A Goose is a Horse” finds Scottish improviser Ivor Kallin using field recordings as a basis for vocal improvisations. These range from an extended raga-like vocal workout to the surprisingly hypnotic strains of a concrete pumper, to a lilting tune on the Cal Mac Ferry, and a bizarre rant on the London Underground by his pseudonymous poetic creation Ambrosia Rasputin.

Release includes PDF booklet of notes and images.

Ivor Kallin – Vocal and Recordings. Harmonium on “Fleech, fleech, a contermashious fleech”.

Cover photograph by Rob Anderman.

Booklet design and Executive Production by Richard Sanderson.

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