Cold Metal Future – teh Struggle For Utopia


Cold Metal Future

“teh Struggle For Utopia”

11 trax – out 2012-11-30 – stream + zip ogg 350 + zip mp3 320
cold jungle dub’n’bass from the Netherlands

01 The Colour Blue (Boris Pasternak)
02 The Struggle For Utopia (Vladimir Mayakovsky)
03 Proletariat
04 Fragments Of War (Konstantin Simonov)
05 The Enemy Within (ft Dod Beverte)
06 The Muse (Anna Akhmatova)
07 Suburbia
08 Immunity (Yuri Levitanski)
09 El Dorado
10 Earth vs Heaven (ft Black Saturn)
11 Outro (Vladimir Mayakovsky)

“Third album by Cold Metal Future on the NKS and probably the best.
A very recognizable sound, rough, ambient & melodic. A better rhythmic section made of weird amen breaks & drum’n’bass beats, cold synth lines, piano & bass guitar. Once again CMF show us a great interest for russian avant-garde born about 100 years ago : 6 trax contain samples taken from russian poetry made in the pre & early sovietic era. All about utopia & futurism. But CMF can turn to west : Dod Beverte & Black Saturn are 2 old CMF collaborators from the US, back again here.
East vs west, poetry vs electronic music , earth vs heaven, utopia vs capitalist world order, same old stories for our present and future.”
Otto Psy [NKS International]

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