Jean Montag – Unquiet

Jean Montag – Unquiet

Jean Montag


Considering that for Jean Montag a very tasty meal has to be croquettes (mainly) we are going to use them as a metaphor. We might say that this “Unquiet”, that he kindly delivered to our catalogue, is a very nicely baked couple of croquettes. Two croquettes full of different ingredients, mushed up, processed sounds and all sorts of scenarios and scenes were to get lost and found. On every bite we discover a new space a new environment. Before we loose the taste of the last bite we are already on the next, swallowing what Montag has prepared for us.

Finally this release, in it’s shape of a sonic “tapa”, is a very interesting work because it doesn’t lasts for too long (something I’m worried all the time with) but still, with this short time space he is able to surprise the listener at every step and present a complex work in terms of sound design and composition that lead me to desserts already missing what I have ate.

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