Extatic Continuum – Transpersonal (Beyond Cerebrotonia)

[CP 21]

Extatic Continuum

“Transpersonal (Beyond Cerebrotonia)”

Extatic Continuum is about transcoding mystical experiences into music because no words could tell what it is exactly … The music has the power to communicate what is unspeakable ; and so here it’s about entheogenic experiences and Akashic visions of the goddess… This is about going beyond ego and History …

Genre: psychedelic, electronica, idm, ambient


2. Moonlight
3.Magic is the science of the jungle
4.Pour aller ou?
5. Akh
6.Starting Heart
7.Psychic Flaw
8.Kaleidoscope Harmonium
10.Orphan Lotus

Cover art by Kati Astraeir

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