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“He who has cast off the world has linked it to yellow dust
Your body is like unto a wound, and you are like unto a madman.
This entire world is a yellow arrow which has pierced you through
The yellow arrow is the train on which you ride towards a ruined bridge” – Victor Pelevin “The Yellow Arrow”00:00 Aram Saroyan – Crickets [recorded in the wind-off grooves of side two] (1965)
01:55 Dariush Dolat-Shahi – Shabistan (Sehtar and Electronic) (1985)
08:18 Alexander Mossolov – Zavod, Symphony Of Machines (1926-28)
11:14 John Cage – Imaginary Landscape No.1 (1939)
18:43 Lawrence Weiner – Nothing to Lose, Side 1 (1976)
34:38 Walter Steding – Entry (1980)
36:59 Remko Scha – Guitar Mural 1 (featuring The Machines), Side A (1981)
46:22 Victor Pelevin – The Yellow Arrow (1993)
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