Jorge Marredo – Uéyiga


Jorge Marredo


“Uéyiga”, in the local language of Extremadura (bast territory at the Spanish western border with Portugal) means trace, footprint or marks on the ground, left there from past activities. This is what is all about on the fourth album by Jorge Marredo – this time signing in as himself – and leaving apart the “Satisfaccion Lab” nickname, with he has been releasing for the past years.The four left traces found on this album are a rabbit hole in which Marredo enters, starting up with a clear image, a simple idea, a barely audible soundscape that early is being transformed until no recognition through signal processing with various synthesisers. By the half of the first track we are already in a multilayered scenario of analogue signals processed in various ways. So, the soundscape that started up the album as a clear statement, just fans out, and dissolves into a bast array of textures, rhythms and environments.

Traces are left of various abstract soundscapes present through the album, scenarios in which Marredo, through analogue signal processing devotes himself to the craft of synthesised sound, still even that we hear echoes of the psychodelic and kosmische music he loves to perform an explore (for instance with the duo project Marredo & Montag) this is pretty much a textural, and soundscapist-point-of-view album, even that those electric signals place us in the uncanny territory of machine sound we cannot forget about what started it all, the soundscape, or field recordings. It’s all there, as a trace, a footprint, something that doesn’t needs to be there because Marredo is very capable of listening through soundscapes and present them under his own umbrella, rearranged, transformed and created from nothing but electric signals.

Truly a pleasure to have him in our catalogue, specially when we are very focused on releasing works by our local artists, working neighbourly a few blocks away of the Audiotalaia Headquarters, just like Avelino Saavedra, Jean Montag and a few more.

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