SmiteMatter – Technopolis Lost



“Technopolis Lost”

A melodic and liberating instrumental journey through audio scenes that were created to inspire the imagination, while also telling a story unique to each individual song. Combined inspiration from nature and technology blend seamlessly in a soulful expression, providing a getaway from most daily boundaries and stresses.

Originally released in 2011, Technopolis Lost is one of the very first (if not the first) full albums of ambient electronic music created entirely on iOS devices. No computers, hardware or dull dark studios were used in any way to produce and record this album. All of the music included here was made using an iPod touch and an iPad. Often the songs in Technopolis Lost began spontaneously while playing virtual instruments and synthesizer keys on the tablet’s glass touch screen. Other songs were made while in city and/or state parks, or in a forest under a dense canopy of trees, all in the Tacoma area of Washington state. Sometimes even capturing the sounds of rain, crowds, or other ambient noise, from rural to crowded areas, was a part of the music-making process.

This special 2nd Anniversary reissue includes the previously unreleased bonus track, Time On A Leash. Downloads also include a high-resolution version of the album artwork.