Gaetano Fontanazza – Music For Toys Meditation

Gaetano Fontanazza – Music For Toys Meditation

Gaetano Fontanazza

“Music For Toys Meditation”

Gaetano Fontanazza, a.k.a. Pseudo, guitarist and musician extraordinaire, offers his first release on Sucu Music, the beautifully entitled “Music for Toys Meditation”. As usual, he explores all of the most extreme and fantastic territories his guitar and his array of effects, musical skill and inventive, can take him (and us) to.
It is a short-length release, clocking off at 25 minutes, where ambient, glitch, noise and soundscapes create a unique aural and emotional experience in the listener. Not to forget some acoustic moments which, unexpected as they may sound, given the profoundly electronic feel of the work, do not appear strange or gratuitous at all.