Wings of an Angel – Meet Some Potential Candidates To Join MGTOW

Wings of an Angel – Meet Some Potential Candidates To Join MGTOW
[Self Release ]

Wings of an Angel

“Meet Some Potential Candidates To Join MGTOW”

What is this infamously renowned cultural phenomena of men going their own way? Why do they go their own way and where to do they go on their own? Is this a dream or a reality of many men? And what about the women? Are they to go their own way as well? Or perhaps their way oft times merges with the way of the men?

This LP doesn’t necessarily answer any of these questions because it also goes astray on its own way upon each renewed listening… But perhaps it will open a door of perception or give out a clue…

I will just add a quick note that is self-evident to me, but oft sounds ridiculous to others (others who have the tendency of taking themselves and their creative output in an unfathomably grave manner): I think that we, as artists or something along those lines, are like clowns or better yet buffoons – in the best sense of these words. In my perception, art cannot exist separately of humor. Usually – the more, the merrier. And I feel that similarly to psychotherapists, we are at best profoundly reflective entertainers in this multilayered Kabuki theater people call human life. Thus, in my eyes, at all costs, even at the price of great personal concessions, we have to strive towards the greatest freedom; that is often times, like life itself by the way, is a heart-key-punch or rather a merciless smack to the index of the mind. Far-away from any kind of dogma – be it religious (atheism incl.) or spiritual, cultural, academic, artistic etc’.

At night,
I escape from Truth in zealous vigor!
Whereas human beings act in the name of Truth,
I surround myself with Divine Lies.

May The Supreme Drone Accompany You To Your Greatest Adventure!

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