quefear – (ado​)​r​(​able) (mure​)​mur

quefear – (ado​)​r​(​able) (mure​)​mur
[ACP 1214]


“(ado​)​r​(​able) (mure​)​mur”

The project has existed since 2014. Located in Moscow, Russia.
Concerning the name of the project: in Spanish, “que” means “what” or “what,” so the name can be considered as the question “what to fear?”. In Russian, the word pronounced “kefir” (or “kephir” – a fermented milk drink).
I’m interested in experimenting with sound. I like to combine different noises and strange samples, effects. I love to improvise.
I use a variety of tools, from traditional to homemade. MS-20 Mini, Kaossilator and Kaoss Pad, the Mopho Keyboard, LYRA, casio sk-8. In addition to them, I use different percussion, tambourines. I impose noise and sounds recorded on the telephone recorder. Sometimes I add my poetry and lyrics.
The result is a kind of collage, a mixture of sounds and noises.
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