DzEta – We Hope For A Happy Ending

DzEta – We Hope For A Happy Ending


“We Hope For A Happy Ending”

DzEta is NiCo (Limoges, France) solo musical project.
Inspired by instrumental music, post-rock and ambient music, by artists such as Ez3kiel, Slowdive, Mogwai… He create organic instrumental tracks that I stack to create a solid foundation for inspired aerial melodies. Playing both guitar and effects, mixing textures for misty atmospheres that reveal themselves towards the luminous.

Immersion in the landscape is one of the effects of listening to the DzEta songs: they are virtual visions, but with real sensations, thanks to a peculiar approach to the songs: a known form, halfway between post rock and shoegaze. Composed entirely in solitary, this ep plays with melodies in drawing landscapes that outline along hypothetical and hypnotic winter roads or following a flight of birds over mountains and still lifes.

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