Javier Moraga – Violence is in the air

Javier Moraga – Violence is in the air

Javier Moraga

“Violence is in the air”

In times of social revolution against an abusive economic system, in a Valparaíso that does not yield to brutal police repression, there is also a strong cultural response to this unpopular government that does not listen to any slogan. The artistic expressions that confront this whirlwind of state violence are varied, contributing with creative beauty influenced by the social movement, and it is there where electronic music is also present.

Javier Moraga is one of the most important representatives and diffusers of this musical style in the Valparaíso region. Week after week he delights us with records on his radio program “Sala de Máquinas” (Room of Machines) on the radio Valentín Letelier, broadcasting on the modulated frequency of the “V Costa”, new albums by producers of national and international electronica. His musical knowledge is vast, he has publications in the most important Buenos Aires netlabels such as Modismo and Epasonidos. Furthermore, as a sound technician, we can affirm that his new album “Violence is in the air” leaves no doubt about his great musical experience. We will listen to nine songs that cross the sounds of ambient, glitch and experimental, with great sonic amplitude, expressive frequencies, varied and enveloping samples with a clear avant-garde tendency both musically and conceptually, understanding that, in Chile, today more than ever there exist winds of profound social change.

Felipe Baradit Stevenson
(Concón, Chile, abril / April 2020)

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