JOTA ESE – Fabergé ESE

JOTA ESE – Fabergé ESE


“Fabergé ESE”

Produced by JOTA ESE for Trilobite Donuts
Additional Production by Mitch Jones, Brainweight, Ron Gallo, Justin Kalk, and Kyle Davis
Engineered by JOTA ESE and Mitch Jones
Mixed and Mastered by JOTA ESE
Vocals, Guitar, Bass, and Samples by JOTA ESE
Keyboards by Mitch Jones
Guitar by Tyler Davis, Matt Man, Justin Kalk, and Ron Gallo
Saxophone by Caleb Hickman
Samples and Scratches by Brainweight
Percussion by Kyle Davis
Background Vocals by Chiara and Ron Gallo
Artwork by Deathspan Studio
Recorded at Day Old Studio B, Nashville TN
2020 Day Old Records
released April 20, 2020

(j. stout, m. jones, t. davis, m. menold, j. kalk, r. gallo, c. hickman, c. breaux, c. d’anzieri)

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