Various Artist – Salon Bruit Rerouted Series 2

Various Artist

“Salon Bruit Rerouted Series 2”

The second season in our streaming concert series, Salon Bruit Rerouted on
and on
based in Berlin, but stretching far and wide. May 2020

Taking place every Thursday between 8 – 10pm (CET) with four 30 minute acts of live experimental music performance.

A virtual version of the concerts we are all missing out on during this time of self isolation.

Each week we will bring you a diverse selection of music performance and sound art.

Son Samin (Berlin/South Korea)
Victoria Shen (Boston, USA)
Knifemi Xingloop (Berlin/Ireland)
Krusha Antena (Prague, Czech Republic)
Dinelka Liyanage (Sri Lanka)
Dirar Kalash (Palestine)
Martina Bertoni (Berlin/Italy)
Dr. Nexus (Berlin/Germany)
Danny McCarthy (Cork, Ireland)
Akita Yra (Prague, Czech Republic)
Lichene (Berlin/Italy)
Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo / ( r ) (Turin, Italy)
Erika Sofia Sollo (Turin, Italy) –
Kris Limbach (Berlin, Germany) –
Clodo Misère III (Tatie Petanol, Tenenbaum Ruben and An Dao) (Nancy, France) –
SLOW SLOW LORIS (Berlin/USA/Germany) –

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