Die Leere im Kern deiner Hoffnung – Es ist schwer ein Gott zu sein


Die Leere im Kern deiner Hoffnung

“Es ist schwer ein Gott zu sein”

The title of the album refers of course to the novel by the Strugatzki brothers. But it is also the expression of the desperate realisation that the world is probably unsavable. The problems are obvious, everybody knows everything, but nobody is willing to do anything.

We oscillate faster and faster between hysteria and agony, blind actionism and panic. And again and again we get fast and easy answers to complex questions with the certainty of a placebo.

Clicktivism as a digital balm for the poor afflicted souls. The mistaken belief that you can save the world through your consumerism.

We dream of electric sheep.
Technomagic thinking.
The illusion of freedom.
Welcome to the age of transfiguration.

We rather bear those ills we have than fight them.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims.

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