No(Spin) – From the vaults



“From the vaults”

Hard and fast breaks will drive your mind insane in this new release by hardcore/drumandbass/crossbreed producer No(Spin).

The album is dark and intense, however, there are some bright melodies, and all the rhythms are clear and well structured.

No(Spin) had a long journey through various styles starting from metal, through trip-hop, drum and bass and finally arriving at those hard sounds he’s currently known. As the artist tells himself: “Now everything is mixed in a sick way of harmonic disaster, main tunes correspond with each other in a fashion of spoken words of a tale – a whole tale of everyday-life sickness, love and carnage.”

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Satanoid – Astronomical Disease



“Astronomical Disease”

Satanoid – an audio project by Finland’s Sami Kekkonen – investigates the borders of what could be considered extreme sonic decimation.
Listening to his album “Astronomical Disease”, you will find out that, despite the seemingly persistent illusion that today’s abundance of electronic music continually collides into a mode of endless reiteration, there is still room for refreshing experiments.
This magnificent slaughterhouse of relentless modular deconstruction easily obliterates any previously established notion of high BPM’s and intelligent (de-)composition, while viscerally exploiting those quasi-aleatoric holes few humans are likely to have ever conceived of.
A masterful work that deserves your undivided attention, if like me, you crave for things that are entirely authentic.
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ono – forSM



” forSM”

re:interpretation & remix of “SHOMOMOSE”

[ Special Thanks ]
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The Machine – Black and White


The Machine

“Black and White”

Our newcomer artist: The Machine, is a self made musician from Czech Republic making some extraordinary music.

Breathe Compilations is a netlabel for eclectic tunes and graphics based in Mexico.

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Die Leere im Kern Deiner Hoffnung – Freiheit Aushalten

[wuerfel 18]

Die Leere im Kern Deiner Hoffnung

“Freiheit Aushalten”

Freiheit will in diesen Tagen nicht nur immer wieder erkämpft und verteidigt sein. Freiheit muss auch ausgehalten werden wenn es brenzlig wird. Genau so, wie es mit der Toleranz immer dann spannend wird, wenn sie einen herausfordert und zwangsläufig zu Akzeptanz und eben nicht Ignoranz führen muss, genau so wird es mit der Freiheit dann spannend, wenn sie ihren Preis einfordert und sich gleichsam selbst auf dem Altar des diffusen Verlangens nach mehr gefühlter Sicherheit zum Opfer anbietet.

Machen wir uns nichts vor: Freiheit für mehr vermeintliche Sicherheit zu opfern ist eine bescheuerte Idee. Umso blöder, wenn es am Ende noch nicht einmal mehr wirkliche Sicherheit gibt.

Was zu tun ist, sollte jedem Einzelnen klar sein. Doch verharren wir in Agonie, pflegen unser Phlegma und überlegen ernsthaft, ob Resignation nicht doch eine Option ist. Die alte Hoffnung Revolution? Bitch, please. Bequem geht die Welt zu Grunde. Viel Spaß dabei.

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Jungle Julia – Jungle Julia (EP)


Jungle Julia

“Jungle Julia (EP)”

Location: Saronno / Italy
Formation: band
Genres: death/trash metal, hardcore, alternative

Band members are:

Jungle Chris: – vocals
Jungle Cris: – guitars
Jungle Ste: – guitars
Jungle Loris: – bass
Jungle Dany6: – drums

The band was formed during summer 2013, after the reunion among Jungle Chris (vocals), Jungle Cris (guitars), and Jungle Loris (bass), that already played together in a hard rock band called Alcohol Abuse (what a original name!). Jungle Dany6 (drums) and Jungle Ste (guitars joined soon. We began to rehearse trying to create a modern sound melting our different musical tastes. The early songs were what we called Metalpunk songs and we continued through this path trying to add something new in every song we played. The result is that every song is different from the others and skipping through our song you can hear Trbngr somewhere, Suicidal tendencies somewhere else, Entombed in some riffs and so on passing from Thrash, Death, Stoner, Hardcore and (later) prog rock. As already said the sound is constantly evolving and the songwriting is becoming more and more complex.

Songs are sung in Italian, they talk about Math, Technology, Nuclear desasters coupled with B-movies. Actually all these themes masks the real subject of the songs, which are mainly our personal life facts filtered through the lens of the iper-technologic modern man.

In December 2014 band recorded first self produced EP simply called Jungle Julia. The EP is available on sale but it is also available in free streaming on YouTube channel. (Now here also!)

Played many gigs in Italy and hope to tour Europe very soon!

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Grand Guru – Hard Cunt Fuck E.P.


Grand Guru

“Hard Cunt Fuck E.P.”

Absolutely black, resolutely extremist, metallically chaotic, at the crossroads of experimental garage and industrial boogie, blues and psychotic Transylvanian noisy, Grand Guru’s kinda rock’n’roll is brought to the world, without an epidural, in form of birth of the monsters and nightmares that haunt our Rouen-based sorcerer.

This is fuckn’ rock & Roll !

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vorrs XXXXX unleash 10,000x eyed gamma demon metal pierce molton geiger counter reactor core magma A.I. bionic synth flesh envelop
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Unnamed Boy – Ranie jak ton mojego glosu


Unnamed Boy

“Ranie jak ton mojego glosu”

Unnamed Boy is one-man-project from Gliwice/Poland. Rapcore/Rap-Metal in polish? Why not?!
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Dust Layer – Obsolete Industry 4


Dust Layer

“Obsolete Industry 4”

hello this is my new free release, 3 tracks from techno to industrial


Frontcore – One Of Us



“One Of Us”


Cybergrind, Hardcore, Breakcore from Ukraine.





■ EPV_154
EPV 4th Anniv. – 1st stage

■ bonus item
wallpaper (for iPhone5 & iMac & MacBook Pro )

cover photo by fkhr (

●Yoshitaka Hikawa
● –
●element orchestra

■ info

V.A. – bad comfort – netaudio mix (February 2014)


“bad comfort – netaudio mix (February 2014)”

Thanks to all the artists and netlabels for sharing music freely!
  1. Jari Pitkänen – Hello
  2. Umoja – Fiya!
  3. Konsumprodukt – Cachafeiro Cacique
  4. Opak – Tomed
  5. Sonambient – Reiterate
  6. Bubbaloop – HURTS 1
  7. matteo gomez – moto
  8. Simon Gag – Spacebetweenus
  9. Massimo Ruberti – Sabotage
  10. Syndrôm & Kendall WA – Another One
  11. Zomblaze – Mind Op
  12. bassrack wobama – i gotz elekted lol
  13. Wintermute & Bastard – Funk Renegade
  14. Karaoke Tundra feat. Bleubird – Hellacopter (Jimmy Pé Remix)
  15. Tacomaniacx – Skeletons With Sombreros
  16. Intoxicated Piano – Animosity
  17. Brock Berrigan – Welcome to the Family
  18. Dimitris – Ondine

Rotten Lily – 何かの記念に


Rotten Lily


A Japanese name, crooked solos, comic set-ups, changing beats and crushed tempos and wrong harmonies. Mostly everything is different than you think. Or maybe not …

KENKO TAIJI – Please Give Me Breakcore !!



“Please Give Me Breakcore !!”

3 track ep – zip mp3 320 or ogg 350 full stream – out nov 2013
“Hey! Lovers of amen breaks & hardcore kicks, this is heavy weight breakcore from Japan.
KenKo Taiji already made eps for Mock Radar & Hormonal Vibrationz and he is back now. Vocal samples fun destruction in traxx 1 & 2. Track 3 starts with a sweet nice melody, followed by a progressive ascent until breakcore heights and comes down again.
Too short & very intense – This is life.”
Otto Psy [NKS International]

Els In Wonderland – Els In Wonderland


Els In Wonderland

“Els In Wonderland”

Artist: Els In Wonderland
Title: Els In Wonderland
Genre: Breakcore; Hardcore; Gabber; Glitch
Country: Belgium
Format: MP3 [320 kbps; stereo; 44,1 kHz]

Porion – Porion Est Fou D’Elle



“Porion Est Fou D’Elle”

This is the 4th & last musical part of “Mein Porion ist Sick” story, which will be published one day as a short-story linking together all 4 eps…

Radiomaniac – Antenna Theory



“Antenna Theory”

Artist: Radiomaniac
Title: Antenna Theory
Genre: Post-Rock/Experimental/Electronic/Noise
Country: Russia

01. Radiomaniac
02. Gulliver: Side Effects Of Modern Psychotropic Substances
03. Human3D
04. It
05. It: Another Touch
06. Hollywood
07. PS: Hallelujah
08. Spear Of Mars And Belt Of Venus
09. Birds

A.V.D.L. – Desolation




Artist: A.V.D.L.
Title: Desolation
Genre: Black Metal; Depressive
Country: Japan
Format: MP3 [192 kbps; stereo; 44,1 kHz]

PSYKOXXX – Dee mon

NKS prod 122


“Dee mon”

10 trax album – ogg 350 zip + mp3 320 + full stream
out 2013/09/29

“Psykoxxx is Batard Tronique’s hard & dark drum’n’bass project.
His 3rd album on NKS shows us how his music is getting better and better. We can hear some old dnb vibes mixed with new style : heavier, darker, with more breaks inside. Enough variations in each track & from 1 track to another, not to be bored with repetition, as some can be with dnb. 3 trax made with his friend Z, 1 remixed by Porion, clean production as usual.
High level dnb free album for sure. Enjoy & share Deemon’s good vibes.”
Otto Psy [NKS International]

The LTP – Dissociation




Artist: The LTP
Title: Dissociation
Genre: Hardcore Punk; Crust Punk
Country: Russia
Format: MP3 [320 kbps; stereo; 44,1 kHz]

Exclamation Point/Tacomaniacx – Skeletons With Sombreros


Pure chill out!

The Nameless City – Incubo


The Nameless City


Artist: The Nameless City
Title: Incubo
Genre: Grindcore, Ambient, Lo-Fi
Country: Italy
Format: MP3 [224 kbps; stereo; 44,1 kHz]

DI-BIT – Doll Attack Ep



“Doll Attack Ep”

4 track EP – mp3 320 zip / ogg 350 zip – out july 2013 – breakcore from Japan

1. Pig Symphony
2. Katusya (One Shot One Kill Mix)
3. Subara Senpai
4. Shark

“Di-Bit is from Tsu, Mie, breakcore musician and manager of Merry Works label.
Made of 4 traxxx, his ‘Doll Attack’ ep is short & intense, you should ask for more.
Japanese breakcore at its best.”
Otto Psy [NKS International]

Sir Vixx – Waste of Flesh


Sir Vixx

“Waste of Flesh”

4 track-EP – mp3 320 zip or ogg 350 zip – out 2013, august 30 – breakcore from Chicago

“Long-awaited EP by Sir Vixx from Chicago on NKS. The man started publishing his music few years ago on the great Taiwanese netlabel Sociopath Recordings. In 2012/13, he made 2 EP for Peace Off and he’s back now in the free world. 4 powerful & cinematic tracks, breakcore-hardcore oriented.
“Die” : nintendo teenage butchery
“Rectal Prolapse” : porno with pain in the ass
“Sickness” : metal destruction / rastafari mayhem for fun
“Waste of Flesh” : epic metal orchestra
4 trax in which Vixx explores almost every NKS obsession. Thanx Sir !”
Otto Psy [NKS International]

Corkscrew № 4453556 – Dadacore


Corkscrew № 4453556


Corkscrew № 4453556

Dadacore [0kbps038]

01 – Boogers in Mourning
02 – Fried Fork
03 – Industry of psychedelic faith
04 – Mental Chthonius
05 – Inceste ou passion de famille, à coups trop tirés
06 – A Drunk Bird
07 – Brioches
08 – Yakamoz
09 – Vaporized Diarrea
10 – Cannibal Clit Cacophony
11 – Infecting Figging
12 – Sadistic Garbologist

MAV [0kbps] Records, July 2013

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ORLANDO GABBER – Reprezent the 45 HxC Krew

[NKS prod 116]


“Reprezent the 45 HxC Krew”

5 trax – zip ogg 350 or zip mp3 320 – full streaming
breakcore speedcore gabbercore mccore from France{en]
“Breakcore speedcore by Orlando Gabber from 45 HxC Krew / France with 2 trash MC who give some human feelings to these traxx made of fast and brutal broken kicks, explosions of amen, & epileptic glitches. Orléans HxC new style in your face !”

“Du son bien explosé, rapide, dense et brutal en provenance du 45 HxC Krew basé à Orléans. Les deux trasheurs hiphopeurs MC Massacre et MC Checy qu’Orlando a eu la bonne idée d’inviter apportent une touche d’humanité déglinguée au milieu des rafales de kicks, des amens dépecés, des glitches épileptiques et autres bordels hardcore sonores. Orlando Gabber HxC new style in your face, on vous aura prévenu !”
Otto Psy [NKS International]

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KMS – Corruption




9 trax – zip ogg 350 or zip mp3 320 – full streaming
breakcore from SW France”Our newcomer KMS lives in Toulouse countryside. His first release is heavy amen breakcore in its classical form with a great variety of ambiances & samples, from trip hop standard to frenchy hardcore ragga, from weird glitches to metal riffs. A nice corruption of sounds.”
Otto Psy [NKS International]
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Exclamation Point/Tacomaniacx – BLOB


Exclamation Point/Tacomaniacx


Italian cybergrind
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Méconium – Poop Slice



“Poop Slice”

ogg 350 or mp3 320
NKS International Muzakillabel
1. Intro
2. Project N
3. Therese
4. Panzer Walzer
5. Gameover
6. Motyw Muzyczny (ritournelle rmx)
7. Da Way (Haddaway rmx)
8. Compressed Bitch (Tal rmx)

“French new breakcore on NKS by Méconium, newcomer from Lille. If you’re into hard electronic sophisticated destruction, this is what you need, a very promising first ep.”

“Un nouveau venu : Méconium de Lille, qui frappe fort d’entrée. Son 8 titres est un joli massacre aux selles noires finement orchestré qui démarre presque tranquille, comme on chie un gosse dans un monde de merde, avec amour et fleur bleue. Puis la sauce monte au fur et à mesure, et plutôt méchamment, en passant par Thérèse, les panzers et la Pologne.
Les 2 derniers tracks sonnent un poil plus légers, 2 explosions bien jouissives de chansons pop acidulées, notamment le Haddaway qui nous a labouré le crâne à longueur d’antenne radiophonique dans les années 90. Juste retour de boomerang. La musique pour adoucir les truffes n’a qu’à bien se tenir. J’en profite pour lever mon chapeau en hommage aux majors company à peu près décédées et aux marchands de machines musicales dernier cri toujours fringants je crois bien, genre tu en branches 11 pour sortir le dernier son trop classe.
La relève du breakcore a sonné, et je vous jure que nous les finirons, même s’il faut faire des heures supplémentaires, même le dimanche, on va tous à la chasse aux breaks et ce, dès cette seconde (j’offre une caresse sur le nez à celui qui retrouve le nom du film d’où vient cette réplique à peine modifiée).
Trève de bavardages, écoute Méconium, il te chie des briques d’un chic époustouflant.”

Otto Psy [NKS International]

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A Day Without Speaking – Teaches You How To Sin


A Day Without Speaking

“Teaches You How To Sin”

A Day Without Speaking is a solo project by Edoardo Casali, Bassoon student at the Bologna Conservatory.
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Noistruct – From Noranda To Obliteration




“From Noranda To Obliteration”

mp3 192 zip containing 4 sample packs to remix for 4 different tracks01. Get Fuckn Down
02. Bucket Politics
03. Melodie Eats Misandry
04. The Tedious Boredom Of Masking Deceit
05. Cunty Swab (Redux)
06. Fear The Black Lotus
07. I Bet You Masturbate To Autechre
08. Rise Of The Chupacabra
09. I Needed To Rock
10. Make It A Double
11. Statement Of Intent
12. No Excuse For Popmash
13. Deiphile
14. Expand Contract


“Australian hardcore techno producer/promoter and co-founder of Australian label “8-Bit Recordings” from Perth Western Australia.
Noistruct has been producing mostly hardcore techno, breakcore, gabber, digital hardcore and drum n bass since 1998 and has contributed to hardcore scenes in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne. Playing and organising shows across the country with a wide range of local and international acts.”

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coakira – The Snakepit



“The Snakepit”

OGG 350 zip / MP3 320 zip01. Snakepit
02. Red Terror
03. Siberian Syndrome
04. Gionshoja
05. Brain Wash
06. Wired
07. Gewalt (featuring OZIGIRI)
08. Singing In The Acid Rain

“First release by Akira Sato’s sideproject : coakira. First release for 2013 & from Japan on the NKS !
Akira Sato is a techno artist, member of CustomMummy & AKIRADEATH, famous digital hardcore band from Tokyo.
coakira is a mix of all kind of heavy electronic beats from dub to speedcore with techno synths, software guitars & vocal samples, excepting on “Gewalt” ft. OZIGIRI as piggy vocalist.
Heavy dancefloor tracks for crazy futuristic crowds, enjoy!”
Otto Psy [NKS International]

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Dust Breeding – Electro Thrash EP


Dust Breeding

“Electro Thrash EP”

■ EPV_115

■ bonus item
wallpaper for iPhone 4 & 5 (lock & home screen) ,
wallpaper for PC (1920 × 1200pixel & 2560 × 1440pixel )

all tracks & artwork by Dust Breeding

■ Dust Breeding
no synthesizer, no computer, no insturuments, no overdub.
all sound by hand made electronics, metal junk, effects

:: other release ::

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SUBBASE – The Berlin Massacre



“The Berlin Massacre”

OGG 350kb / MP3 320kb
“Subbase from Hobro/Denmark is somewhere on the path created by Panacea, Tech Itch, Current Value… and back on the NKS.
A 3-track ep once again, danceable, apocalyptical, dark & heavy. Each track is 5’15 long !
“The Berlin Massacre” : already so much tragic episodes in the capital city of Germany, it looks like the next massacre is in preparation. Fear & death back again. Darker future ?”
Otto Psy [NKS International]
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NIÑA TERRORISTA – Mata tus ídolos!



“Mata tus ídolos!”

breakcore / punk / digital hardcore from Colombia –
oct 2012 – full stream / zip ogg 350 / zip mp3 320

1. caos
2. la libertad del borrego
3. libre albedrio
4. fiesta rebelde
5. antigona
6. breaking the core of the darkness
7. vive tu vida (la pestilencia cover)

“One more digital hardcore release on NKS International, after Life.Renegade, Geyser & GRRZZZ (France), Sick Circuit (Australia) or Mechonat Hereg (Israël).
Nina Terrorista agitators are from Bogota / Colombia & they already gave us 1 track 2 years ago on Lima El3ctronica vol. 1 compilation (Tacuara / NKS prod 49). Their brand new ep mixes once again the energy of punk -guitars, vocals & slogans- with electronic sounds -broken hard beats & electro synths & noises. It is available for free on their soundcloud, on Moczu, Tacuara Records & Crach Records.
Maximum exposure for maximum electronic riot. Digital hardcore worlwide rulz !”
Otto Psy [NKS International]”One more digital hardcore release on NKS International, after Life.Renegade, Geyser & GRRZZZ (France), Sick Circuit (Australia) or Mechonat Hereg (Israël).
Nina Terrorista agitators are from Bogota / Colombia & they already gave us 1 track 2 years ago on Lima El3ctronica vol. 1 compilation (Tacuara / NKS prod 49). Their brand new ep mixes once again the energy of punk -guitars, vocals & slogans- with electronic sounds -broken hard beats & electro synths & noises. It is available for free on their soundcloud, on Moczu, Tacuara Records & Crach Records.
Maximum exposure for maximum electronic riot. Digital hardcore worlwide rulz !”
Otto Psy [NKS International]

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N.N.A – no hope



“no hope”

■ EPV_078 ”no hope” N.N.A
paradoxical album hope2.0(EPV_079)

If you download this album at bandcamp, immediate download of album in your choice of MP3 320, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire and bonus( wallpaper for iphone ) …

:: bandcamp(Free Download) ::

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Hellscion – Burning Bridges



“Burning Bridges”

Burning Bridges, Hellscion’s fourth release on Faturenet Recordings is engulfed in darkness and skillfully engages the listener to the very end. This enriching album follows up his last EP “All that remains the same” perfectly and will leave you wanting more.
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USA Kings – Copa Del Rave


USA Kings

“Copa Del Rave”

When music from the 90’s meeting music of end of the world’s era on a battlefield of the breakcore.

mnttaB – Rocky 4,2 and 3 EP



“Rocky 4,2 and 3 EP”

Heres a preview of the mnttaB EP out this week.

Its a loud-Noisey synthpunk/Oi sort of hybrid from Melbourne, home of Total Control,
Chromedome and My Disco.

Gigs in Euro/US this summer. So Look Out.

Granjaescuela – Por El Poder De Greinjschool



“Por El Poder De Greinjschool”

This is the first album by Granjaescuela, previously published on Bandcamp and consists of 12 tracks. They admit the influence of bands like Hella or Lightning Bolt, but more funny. 16 minutes that will not leave you indifferent. Welcome to Granjaescuela!
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The Cell #4 – Scorching Heat


The Cell #4

“Scorching Heat”

Artist: The Cell #4
Title: Scorching Heat
Genre: Visual-Core/Post-Hardcore/Nu-Matal
Country: Russia

01. 011010#Error#
02. Grave of firefly
03. White curtain
04. Cutting edge
05. Dead past
06. Paper crane
07. Forgotten
08. Velvet dream on a water smooth surface

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Gain – Somos Aire



“Somos Aire”

We release the collaboration between the Barcelona band Gain and La Gramola Netlabel offering you their second album, the fantastic “Somos Aire”, which, as they explain, experiment with a deeper sound than his first album “Qué va a ser de nosotros”. This fact does not diminish the presence and strength of the guitars in their work.The album was recorded in the own study group and the result has been great. We invite you to enjoy “Somos Aire”. Play it loud!
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Pogohm – Herb Is A Plant



“Herb Is A Plant”

320kbps – january 2012
psy / dub / reggae / hardcore / gabba


01 – herb is a plant
02 – better call saul

total: (9:06)

review by magicore:
another smokey album for your earz. we getting blitzed here at the magi today. hardcore kicks meet electro dub bass wobbles and breakcore style sampling combine to form pogohm “herb is a plant”. arnaud (pollux and pogohm) said he wanted to make “dubcore”, dub atmosphere and hardcore techno/gabber energy. i think he achieved his goal, and even if he didn’t, it came out great. download it, pretend its a brand new 7” from a dusty record store, wash your hands, roll a spliff, and press play. your work is done.

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Pogohm – First Blood



“First Blood”

320kbps – December 2011
Gabba / Hardcore / Other


01 – What’s Blood For?
02 – Elm Street
03 – Room 237
04 – Wanna Play?

Total: (7:46)

Note: “Here is the first Pogohm’s Demo”

Pogohm Website:

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Crash Of Rhinos – Stiltwalker

Dinotrax – Rearranging Patterns

Dinotrax - Rearranging Patterns

Dinotrax - Rearranging Patterns

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