WHΛLTHISИEY – thɪsˈtɔːtɪŋ taɪm

WHΛLTHISИEY – thɪsˈtɔːtɪŋ taɪm


“thɪsˈtɔːtɪŋ taɪm”

The music of WHΛLTHISИEY is a solitary soundtrack to nowhere, a non-tourist map into the unknown; music and images to create new, fully immersive environments, an intriguing aural pilgrimage with no destination in time and space, nuances and labyrinths.
WHΛLTHISИEY selects and mixes music for the mind and body in the same quantities that emerges from encounters between the past and the present, drawing beauty of the commonplace, wiping, polishing it, giving it life again, so to produce the same effect of the original freshness and spontaneity, a mirror that transforms it absorbs and reflects, telescoping the past through the present. WHΛLTHISИEY has a necessity to reimagine time even as time runs out.
WHΛLTHISИEY is interested in ideas that flows and materialize in different ways. WHΛLTHISИEY is more interested in experiencing the intensity of a thing and its uniqueness ( Thisness ).

Do it Thissen / Spread the Thisease

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