Section 27 – IX​-​XIX : 2009​-​2019 Showcase

Section 27 – IX​-​XIX : 2009​-​2019 Showcase

Section 27

“IX​-​XIX : 2009​-​2019 Showcase”

10 years of material selected from the archives covering 2009-2019 and showcased in five parts. Available to stream in full or free download.
released August 1, 2019All tracks by the respective artists, remixes by respective artists.
Creative Commons Licensed BY-NC-ND 3.0
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V.A. – S27​-​X (II)

V.A. – S27​-​X (II)


“S27​-​X (II)”

released July 18, 2019

S27-X (I) available here:

Marking our 10th year of underground electronics, mangling ears and brains since 2009.

Art Direction by Kounterpart.

(Almost) all tracks mastered by the respective artists.
Compiled by S27.
Cat No. [S27-172-2]

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Thuoom – Organism

Thuoom – Organism



Thuoom is back from studio hiatus with his 7th full-length album, Organism. The sounds used on this record consist 100% of glitches. More precisely, the original sounds were produced by misusing a sound card and manipulating signal live during a practice session, soundcheck, and live performance (Ambient Evening Trashure Islands, Parainen, Finland) in November 2018. For the album, these sounds were then further mutated in a true Thuoom fashion.
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a.d.du.nord – Sana Grano

a.d.du.nord – Sana Grano


“Sana Grano”

A.d.du.nord is a musician who doesn’t work in a particular style but is guided by ideas of the moment without feeling compelled to maintain a single sound aesthetic. His first releases have been a few minimalist drone tracks published in 2018. He now aims to create some kind of “post-music” that is “strange and dysfunctional”. In short, a.d.du.nord is a project for free experimentation, where everything is possible.

Sana Grano is some kind of mixtape that gathers ten one minute long improvised sequences created with granular synthesis tools. The choice of samples was purely intuitive, and the results are partially aleatory. But if you listen between the lines, you may find reminscences of dub and afrobeat.

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Axiom 23 – Clouds

Axiom 23 – Clouds

Axiom 23


Glitchy ambient. Granular soundscapes. Field recordings. Found sounds.

Miquel Parera – TEFE023 | Pluripotential Laundry

Miquel Parera – TEFE023 | Pluripotential Laundry

Miquel Parera

“TEFE023 | Pluripotential Laundry”

Title: TEFE023 | Pluripotential Laundry.
Author: Miquel Parera.Tracks:
  • 01-Paths to Leg Breaks – TEFE-23-2019-03-24-08-29-53 – 00:02:37.52
  • 02-Fireflies in the Cave of the Wise – TEFE-23-2019-03-24-08-36-47 – 00:02:51.64
  • 03-The Midwives Sing – TEFE-23-2019-03-24-08-45-47 – 00:03:42.91
  • 04-Fluorescent Plants Pastures – TEFE-23-2019-03-24-08-51-58 – 00:03:02.04
  • 05-The Red Fortunes and the Black Skulls – TEFE-23-2019-03-24-09-01-12 -00:03:11.70
  • 06-Trip to the Last Border – TEFE-23-2019-03-24-09-04-16 – 00:03:59.26
  • 07-Three Cows Kidnapped – TEFE-23-2019-03-24-09-05-34 – 00:04:12.63
  • 08-Slowly to the Place of the Mushrooms – TEFE-23-2019-03-24-09-20-27 – 00:07:29.54
  • 09-Will you remind me if I Sleep under the Pleiades?- TEFE-23-2019-03-24-09-31-08 – 00:02:15.23

Total time: 00:33:22.49

About The Eternal Feedback of Existence:

It is an acousmatic diary. With the samples and images of each day an instrument for livecoding improvisation is built.

Open Source Music:

You can download the source code, the samples and the images on:

#electronica #idm #glitch #breakcore #experimental #acousmatic #algorithmic

License: CC-BY

You are free to:

Share — copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format

Adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the material
for any purpose, even commercially.
This license is acceptable for Free Cultural Works.

The licensor cannot revoke these freedoms as long as you follow the license terms.

Under the following terms:

Attribution — You must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use.

No additional restrictions — You may not apply legal terms or technological measures that legally restrict others from doing anything the license permits.

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Csum – Anaerobica

Csum – Anaerobica



Broken, glitchy, dynamic, rhythmic, somewhere chaotic sounds combined with catchy techno genetic emotional melodies. This is only one subjective way to describe this new album, where Csum uses his own experimental music language to tell fantastic abstract musical stories. Hit “play” if want to cheer up.
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Herre Jorna – Glitches​-​N​-​Clicks

Herre Jorna – Glitches​-​N​-​Clicks

Herre Jorna


A real musical adventure of experimental electronic music.
This e.p. is full of complex clicks, rhythmic structures and seductive glitches.Written, produced and arranged by Herre Jorna

I hope this music will give your life a nice Glitch and a lovely smile on your face.

This EP is dedicated to the loves of my life:
Wendy, Laura and Patty.

Enjoy this free ride into delight!

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Blockdata – Tethered

Blockdata – Tethered



“Tethered” is Blockdata‘s first EP on Abstrakt Reflections. The EP digs into a variety of tempos and styles including lush analogue synth beds, foley recordings, haunting soundscapes, digitally sharpened rhythmics and some processed acoustic instrumentation at points.

Most of the synthetic instruments were created by Blockdata from the ground up over a number of years using Native Instruments Reaktor and the foley/acoustic instrumentation was made using a simple field recorder.

The EP includes six original Blockdata compositions and 2 excellent remixes from Ivan Shopov and Lokom.

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Failure Circle – Frozen Clinamen #2

Failure Circle – Frozen Clinamen #2

Failure Circle

“Frozen Clinamen #2”

Frozen Clinamen is serie of works by Failure Circle (a solo project of Kecap Tuyul) started on autumn 2017. It follows a simple method inspired by the the possibilities of his no-input mixer set-up and the will to use a limited sound material in a posteriori compositions : all the sounds included in these works are recordings of moments that feature no human intervention. Frozen Clinamen #2 was recorded and mixed between april and august 2018.

step (1) Tweaking the set-up until it produces some seemingly autonomously self-sustained sound sequences.
step (2) Stopping tweaking and recording for at least 20 minutes without any intervention on the set-up.
step (3) Repeating steps (1) & (2) several times.
step (4) Using the generated sounds as only source in a posteriori compositions. The only variations used while mixing are equalization, panoramics and volume levels.
step (5) play it at low/high volume with open/closed window while complety asleep / fully conscious.

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