Sounds of Silence; Richard Bentley; François Dumeaux – 3pr(iii)8ses


Sounds of Silence; Richard Bentley; François Dumeaux


1- Sounds of Silence “Friendly Storm”
How to make a recording so that the whole body can hear it, a soundscape that passes its secrets from one body to another? Friendly Storm opens with a machine breath, passing voices, a river trek. Hydrophone instants and domestic reveries. The ghost dogs bark all night, while the storms blow in news from the North African coast sending passenger pigeons scurrying across the roof. Missives from the global village. Sealed with a stretched kiss of male harmony, offering a slower sound of silence. Recorded in Toronto (Canada) and Bocale (Italy) in 2019-2020.

2- Richard Bentley “Hedgehog Shelter”
The discovery of a hedgehog tormented by lungworm, wheezing, snorting and struggling for air, prompted a visit to the local rescue centre. The outing afforded me an opportunity to get close to the animals and their crunching, rustling and huffing. The recordings were made in August 2017 with assemblage by François-Emmanuel Fodéré in 2020.

3- François Dumeaux “Harmonikoak”
Paysage sonore enregistré en septembre 2017 en Basse-Navarre (Pays Basque nord) aux cabanes d’estive de Muskuldi, près de la forêt d’Irati.
Le vent joue avec un portail ; au loin le berger, mène son chien et son troupeau de brebis.
Merci à Jean-Mixel Maitia et Marion Débats.

coverart : hummingbird by Heather Frise

earS099 – August 2020 –

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