Dos Kanye – Contraa

Dos Kanye – Contraa

Dos Kanye


“Contraa” is The first EP of the rhythm fanatics “Dos Kanye”.
The EP is a welcome call to their edgy colorful dimension of heavy percussion beats, unleashed analog sound and repetitive playful samples. In the ep they are hosting talented musicians from their community such as: “Shaman Shaman” with his gibberish vocals on the track “Contraa”, Aviv Bachar playing the ancient Beduin instrument called Sumsumia in the track “Cubia” and Oren Ben David going wild on Analog Synths in the track “Kibutz Jungle”.

Beside the original mixes, we are proud to present to you 4 remixes that bring a whole new perspective of the tracks and making the experience even more delicious. Allow yourself to dive into the chaotic universe of “Dos Kanye” and we can promise you a wild galactic dance by the fire.

Dos Kanye believe in liberation of rhythms and wild flow of sounds,
Same as the jungle,
Same as the desert-
The brand new duo of Nadav Dagon and Ben Landesman creates massive-organic patterns that contain sounds from the tribes of the past and from the ones that weren’t yet born.
They believe in long bass,
They believe in vibration,
They believe in revolution.

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