Discontinuation Of Teatment – Far Aay


Discontinuation Of Teatment

“Far Aay”

A dark electronic lullaby, hidden into us there are a lot of dark realms, and this nightly vision makes them real and noisy.

Second time for Giuseppe D’Aiuto from Savona in our netlabel, and it’s getting better anytime. Darkwave, gothic, maybe blues form the soul.

A travel into our deepest fears and our greatest pleasures, really hurting and really good. Synths from the eighites, reminescens of a past tense, electro visions and a musical impulse to disorder.

A masterpiece for the people that live in the dark, that’s better that their light. A song like Fraternal Twin will change your life.

A special thanks to Giuseppe D’ Aiuto for the music of Discontinuation Of Treatment.

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